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Enter Bengali script with this virtual keyboard Avro Keyboard is a free open source graphic keyboard software created by OmicronLab. This program helps to increase productivity by allowing you to include Bengali in anything using rumi transliteration. This is a Bengali keyboard interface compatible with free Unicode and ANSI computers, published March 26, 2003, and this is Bangladesh Independence Day. The software provides all the popular ways to print Bangla from Bangladesh and India on one page which makes it quite flexible for all types of users. It serves as a special language keyboard and as a spell checker.

Writing in Bangladesh Bengali, also called Bangla, is the official and most common language in Bangladesh. Bengali writing systems or scripts are a type of cursive writing and therefore are not typical of most computer systems. However, Avro keyboard allows you to do different types of short text input to insert Bengali or Bangla text anywhere. You can create a phonetic typewriter, in which you enter the phonetic roman bang, and the program will turn it into the correct transliteration. You can type using five keyboard layouts: Probhat, Munir Optima, OmicronLabs, your own Avro Easy, very light Bornona and Bangladesh Computer Board’s National or Jatiya standard, which is supported by software. You can also try typing with the mouse using the keyboard on the virtual screen. The Avro keyboard is fully Unicode compatible, and also supports ANSI fonts, so you can even include Bengali in programs like Photoshop and (function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Beyond keyboard software, BoardA isn’t just a level of gold keyboard capabilities. The phonetic printing method from English to Bangla also comes with a dictionary that supports up to 150,000 words per Bangla and has an auto correction feature that you can edit yourself. There is also a floating preview window so you can see the converted text in real time. In addition, the program has a language spell checker with its Avro Pad. The app also has two flexible interface modes. You can use it as a top panel on the desktop or as an icon on the system balance. The whole program is also highly customizable and you can easily change the keyboard mode by pressing a particular key. There is an automatic keyboard tracking mode, so you don’t have to manually switch between keyboard applications. Plus, you get a standard Avro keyboard layout viewer, so you don’t have to constantly check the actual program launcher. This is a powerful and simple program that provides you with several essential functions for typing complex language scripts in other programs. The compatibility with other codes is also a nice bonus. If you need help like Bengali, we highly recommend this program.

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