Windows 10 PRO PT-BR 32/64 ISO scaricare torrent

Windows 10 PRO PT-BR 32/64 ISO Clean torrent

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Questa è la versione ISO ufficiale di Windows 10 PRO 32 64 bit in portoghese in Brasile, rilasciata il 29 settembre 2015.

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– Il miglior software viene lanciato!


  • Windows 10 PRO PT-BR 32/64 ISO scaricare
  • Windows 10 PRO PT-BR 32/64 ISO Torrent Scaricare
  • Windows 10 PRO PT-BR 32/64 ISO scaricare torrent

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Windows 10 Pro X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} Download

Windows 10 Pro X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} Clean torrent

* Windows 10 Pro X64, including Office 2019 ProPlus pt-BR MAY 2020

* Version 2004 Build

* File:

* Size: 4.90GB

* Format: Initial ISO

* CRC32: 47c18ff2

* MD5: c01ed42ee2e9f08eb9461f5d49094c49

* SHA-1: 8e0f6bc78a0a95ffcf1b31c606b1a01c01882250

Integrated / pre-installed:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Cumulative update:

* KB4556803

* NET framework


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Activators: HWID and KMS Online

* UEFI-re

* (Use the attached Rufus USB tool to make UEFI bootable)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Tools (Microsoft DaRT)

* compressed in recovery format ()

* Create a bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or low speed DVD-DL recording.

* WindowsAddict, author of Windows Activation Script

* We hope you like this edition!

* Congratulations,

* Generation2

* Windows 10 Pro X64 Redstone 5 pt-BR MAY 2019

* Compilation version 1809

* Integrated Office 2019 Pro

* File:

* Size: 4.83 GB

* Format: Initial ISO

* CRC32: f219b2e8

* MD5: 9c200dcccfe2ff305c57874c9fd35dab

* SHA-1: 86248ab0912379bea00ab5f229349df3d8cf46d8


* Integrated / pre-installed:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Service stack update:

* KB4493510

* Cumulative update:

* KB4495667

Cumulative update for

*. NET and:

* KB4489192

* Flash Player Security Update:

* KB4493478

SetupComplete / Post Installation:

*. NET Framework

* Updates to Windows Defender


* Windows 10 Pro, including Office 2019

* OS Activator: DigitalLicense

* Office Installer: OnlineKMS

* UEFI-re

* (Use the attached Rufus USB tool to make UEFI bootable)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Tools (Microsoft DaRT)

* compressed in recovery format ()

* Create a bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (attached) or low speed DVD-DL recording.

* WindowsAddict, author of Windows Activation Script

* We hope you like this edition!

* Congratulations,

* Generation2

  • Windows 10 Pro X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} download torrent
  • Windows 10 Pro X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} Torrent
  • Windows 10 Pro X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} Download Torrent

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Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched torrent descargar

Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched Clean torrent

Versión oficial de Windows 10, 1511 (versión de servicio 1). Edición de 32 bits, inglés.


md5 91fad72bb84ee259cdb1772b2ce42375

sha1 5d406d89656f8548fd0f410bd66de59be05b081b

¡Diversión semillas, por favor!

  • Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched descargar
  • Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched Descargar
  • Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched torrent

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Driver Booster Free wiseguy full torrent download

Driver Booster Free Clean torrent

Free Windows Driver Update Driver Booster Free is software designed to update old or outdated drivers in Windows. Check your drivers regularly for your hardware and update everything that is old as well as those that are no longer working. The performance optimization tool developed by IOBit requires only one click to work and is suitable for both new and experienced users. In addition to updating drivers, the free and advanced software also improves computer games that no longer work (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); If your computer is slow or has performance issues, you may be using a disk that is no longer equipped with your computer hardware. These outdated drives lead to slower response times, poor voice, poor image quality, and frequent network failures. Although most operating systems offer regular updates, some drivers on older systems may not always find old or faulty drivers and this works to the latest version. It consists of a database of more than 3 million gaming units and components from, among others, NVIDIA, AMD and Intel. It also scans outdated game components like Microsoft DirectX Runtime and Adobe Flash for use. One of the great things about IObits Driver Booster is that it is easy to use and does not require a technically savvy user base. In addition to updating your Windows device, this tool also offers a variety of tools that help improve the gaming performance of your device. You can use it to fix devices, view complete information about your system, and view some repair programs for repair stations with a simple interface and a large Scan button. After scanning, it does not start the browser to download updates manually. Instead, it does so in the background, without much user intervention. Therefore, processing outdated drivers with this tool is much easier and less convenient than other driver updates and manual scanning options. After downloading and installing Driver Booster on your computer, you can start scanning. If you do not click Scan, the driver will start self-diagnostics within 5 seconds after installation. After about 2 minutes, the disk amplifier displays a list of all obsolete chips in the device. You can choose a one-click update or explore the driver details before displaying detailed information to users about all the obsolete stations they have found. It contains the name of the driver, installed version, date, publisher and category. It also shows the user’s latest version and the date it was published. Users can update drivers, ignore update options, remove drivers, or update all drives at once. Restore and reload to update drivers Before starting to update outdated drivers, they will alert you in the event of a security conflict. It will notify you in advance if you experience problems with network and application functionality while updating the driver. While repairing in the background, some updated drivers need to be restarted, you want the program to reboot the system automatically, you can select the appropriate option. However, you can also skip this option and restart your computer manually. Driver Booster also notifies usersof the status of each driver, whether it’s online, downloaded, updated or waiting to be restarted. After clicking on Update All, all your device drivers will be updated in about 5 to 30 tools and the free download feature will run in the background and you will not be able to find the installation window. It also divides drivers into two categories: old and very old. It also shows the number of days that have elapsed since the last complete system scan. The dashboard contains various tools to remove driver packages, fix system errors, troubleshoot network problems, and clean up various driver update tools that can only work with the correct Internet connection. Without an active connection the controller can work, but it will not display the correct details or all available drives. The software also has a pro version, which consists of some additional features and is more reliable to show all the latest real free booster drivers. Yes, Driver Booster is a free driver for all Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 10. Although it’s free, it has professional paid counterparts and includes additional features. The premium version of the driver update tool includes automatic downloads and updates, as well as the option to make a backup for all drives. After purchasing the license, you only need to enter the key to activate the professional. Is there any other alternative to Driver Booster? Driver Booster is very popular, but it has several alternatives. If you want to update the drivers on your Windows device, you can check the tools like Snappy Driver Installer, Easy Driver and Driver Genius. I downloaded Driver Booster. Users mostly forget to update their drivers; This leads to slow system performance and network problems. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to download a free Driver Booster. This is an update for outdated drivers and keeps your computer running only with its latest version. The scan and repair options are easy to use and all outdated drives can be updated in software running in the background and keeping the system up to date. It also shows the user the days that have elapsed since the system was last scanned, and shows all the details of the disk that need to be updated. The versatile program also has a pro version for anyone interested in additional features.

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  • Driver Booster Free 64-Bit & 32-Bit download
  • Driver Booster Free Baby Dip fast-dl Free Download Torrent

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Windows 10 64 bits Ativador.iso indir

Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso Clean torrent

Windows 10 Pro + Aktivatör

Microsoft’tan harika orijinal

OBSS: Kesin bir Colocar serisi bu adımları ve ötesini atlamıyor

Etkinliği yükleyin! Boa çeşidi Galera

  • Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso indir
  • Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso indir
  • Windows 10 64 bits+Ativador.iso indir torrent

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TeamViewer update download torrent

TeamViewer Clean torrent

TeamViewer, a free screen sharing tool, is a simple tool available for Windows that shares the desktop with other users. This service allows you to share your desktop screen or view others. Invited users can manage other desktops, if enabled, by empowering them to assist on-screen users (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); TeamViewer is the right choice for anyone who needs a remote desktop tool because it is great for simple and quick tasks like IT assistance or direct training. Used professionally or between friends and relatives, it is a powerful tool in any online tool. The application covers almost all mobile devices and computer systems, allowing them all to communicate with each other while sharing files, chatting, and viewing or managing their computers. The desktop background displayed is always dim for privacy reasons. TeamViewer developers are constantly adding features and bug fixes to provide maximum use without compromising the system. Before getting started, you need to create a TeamViewer account and complete the lengthy installation process. Installing at the Right Time When you have the latest version of TeamViewer, you need to do the old installation. This installation is required and cannot be skipped if you create an account or log in during the process. If you use the service on your two devices, you will need to repeat this installation unless you are using an account you created earlier. It lets you see the ID of each device. Be sure to consider it if you need it later. Connecting to another computer To connect to another computer, you need to know its TeamViewer ID. Go to this remote control section and share your temporary ID and password so that other computers can join your desktop, or if you want to use someone with a computer, manage the computer remotely. Different TeamViewer modes are available with the remote control. As the name implies, you can manage your desktop with others, transfer files between devices, or create a VPN between the two. Meetings You can organize meetings or presentations in the same way as a group Skype call. You can make conference calls using audio or video and play drafts or on-screen files. There are several other benefits, such as remote access to TeamViewers and file sharing features. File Transfer A connection format called File Transfer can be used to send files between two devices connected via a TeamViewer connection. You can open this option from the tab on the remote control at the beginning of the connection or during a live broadcast. Once you open the file transfer, a window will appear showing you and the people you are in contact with. You can access the file with keyboard shortcuts or by dragging the tool. All events are included in the dialog box and file transfers can be stopped at the touch of a button. TeamViewers VPN VPN mode allows two computers to connect as if they were using the same LAN. It can be used by title players like Minecraft to host their world. It also allows you to print documents to a printer connected by another table for use.Both devices must have a TeamViewer installation process if VPN settings are enabled. If it is disabled during installation on your computer, you can resend it later if you need it. However, this will take time for the driver to install himself on the desktop. Alternative Applications If TeamViewer is not your first choice to share, remotely, or use files during a meeting, this is a great option that specializes in one area. Parsec is designed by considering players so that two people can play the same local multiplayer title even if they are far apart. This is a well-designed remote control that always prioritizes machine control. However, it does not offer the possibility to be on the host system. is the most popular file sharing application on mobile devices and can be used on both mobile and desktop computers. It can transfer files faster than the download speed of your Internet connection, and can also share all installed applications. LogMeIn Hamachi is a personal VPN service that does not require network configuration. Installation is faster, but you may need to restart your computer before it can work. Skype is the best way to make an online or remote appointment. You can start a group call with a voice or video call, and send a message in any format. The file size limit is 300 MB, but uploading may take some time before becoming a good IT tool. TeamViewer is a great tool for anyone who wants to connect to another computer or device but is not close to it. Installation will take time, but it will take time. Each device has its own ID, and other users cannot connect to your device without a temporary password being displayed. The service can also be used for meetings and presentations, allowing you to hold conference calls with anyone. This makes the service a tool for individuals who share their ideas or presentations with companies with colleagues who do not attend meetings directly.

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Google Input Tools for PC FULL download torrent

Google Input Tools for PC Clean torrent

Free Google Input Tools transliteration software is a free add-on that allows users to enter text in another language if they can’t enter the correct character with their computer keyboard. Works on all devices that have access to Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translate and YouTube. This extension supports more than ninety multilingual (function () {(‘preview-application-page-desktop’);}); You can enter text using a combination of transliteration, an input method editor, a virtual keyboard, and handwriting. The input method depends on the selected language. It even allows keyboard shortcuts to change language when using Google Services. This voice input software is very versatile as it allows for different input methods in different languages. Let’s look at how you can use Google Input Tools to enter a different language on your Windows computer or touch screen. Transliteration Editors and Input Method (IME) Unlike translation, transliteration is not based on meaning but on phonetic similarity. With this method, the language editor converts the sounds of the word you are writing into a word with a similar sound in another language of your choice. By entering a transliteration, you enter the desired word in a different language, depending on how the word sounds and how you would enter it with your keyboard. The software then creates a list of words with similar sounds. You can choose the word that best suits your needs. It can be translated into more than twenty languages. The input method editor converts keystrokes based on the sound of the letters. Each letter you enter on the keyboard shows a list of characters in the language you selected. Then choose the character that best represents the letter or syllable you want. Key conversion is available in sevenNAME. This method is especially useful when there are matches for each letter in the other alphabet. For example, you can type Russian with a French keyboard. Virtual keyboard versus handwriting The Google Input Tools add-on has an on-screen keyboard, so you can enter a different language using the virtual keyboard in the lower-right corner of the screen. On ordinary computers, click on each symbol with the mouse or touch laptops, tablets and smartphones with a touchscreen. Google’s typing software offers more than 90 keyboards in a variety of languages. It even allows characters for unusual characters that you can’t find on the keyboard. This is a quick way to switch between alphabets if you want to write in two languages. The handwriting tool allows you to draw words with a mouse, optical pen, touch screen, or finger, whether you have a touchscreen device or not. He works wonders with pictographic languages. An optical tracking function translates the word pattern into the next character with a similar shape. Then choose between different options in the text box. The Multilingual Solution If you are a global citizen who has learned several languages ​​or need several languages ​​for your work, you will love the multicultural, multilingual global society we have today. Many websites are available in more than two languages ​​or allow for immediate translation. Signs for tourist attractions and landmarks are at least three languages. However, your middle keyboard only shows the alphabet of its keys. This is not a problem if you work in only one language, but in today’s world people have to speak, read and write in many languages. The most common solution is to search the Icon tab in applications such as Word or Google Docs for unusual characters. This method is time consuming and impractical for people who write in different languages ​​and often have to switchbetween two or more. As one of the leading providers of global communications services, Google is aware of the limitations of the keyboard display. There was a solution: virtual keyboards and keyboard translation tools that allowed users to switch from one keyboard to another in another language. A time-saving tool for the fast-paced world The Google Keyboard Virtual Keyboard Input Tool is available in more than seventy languages ​​with different letters, syllables, or pictograms. Among other things, there is a Hindi input download, a simplified Chinese keyboard, a Marathi keyboard download, a Cherokee phonetic keyboard. Instead of looking for special characters in word processing applications, you can use a keyboard that is designed for the language of your choice. If you do not have to rely on constant search for different characters, you will save a lot of time on your busy schedule. If the pronunciation of a word is too difficult for a Latin keyboard, you can draw it with a pen or a finger on a touch screen. This option is much easier than searching for an image of the written word and then copying and pasting it into your virtual, multilingual assistant. With the Google Input Tools Virtual Keyboard for Windows, you can switch between your computer keyboard and the on-screen keyboard from one language to another. Input method editors translate keystrokes to another language. Do you need a more phonetic language? Try the transliteration tool to write the phonetic equivalent of words. Want a more visual method? Draw a keyword with the handwriting tool. With Google Input Tools, you can easily enter a different language on all of your devices.

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  • Google Input Tools for PC Torrent
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