About UKF

What is Uganda Kidney Foundation all about?

The Uganda Kidney Foundation (UKF) is a non-governmental non-profit making, health related organization founded in 2011 by a team of medical doctors and nurses working with kidney disease patients to explore ways and means of reducing morbidity and mortality due to Kidney disease in Uganda.
This was founded by Dr. Robert Kalyesubula, Dr. Joseph Lunyera and Dr. Peace Bagasha with Dr. Ssekasanvu as the Patron. The Uganda Kidney Foundation (UKF) fights kidney disease on all fronts as the nation’s leading kidney nonprofit. UKF works on behalf of the 25% of Ugandans above 18 years living with kidney disease, and the millions more at risk, with an unmatched scope of programs that support people wherever they are in their fight against kidney disease—from prevention through post-transplant living. 

With programs of prevention, early detection, financial support, disease management, clinical research, innovation and advocacy, no kidney organization impacts more lives than UKF. With the nation’s largest free kidney health screening program, Know Your Kidneys™, UKF fosters kidney disease prevention and early detection in at-risk individuals and communities. One out of every 6 kidney failure patients cannot afford the cost of care, and UKF is there for them, providing lifesaving treatment-related financial assistance. UKF enables all people with kidney disease to live their healthiest lives through disease management education, award-winning public and professional health education materials, courses and webinars. UKF drives innovation through strategic partnerships and investment in clinical research to improve patient outcomes, and fights tirelessly for legislation and health policy to improve the lives of kidney patients. UKF’s Kidney Nation online fundraising community unites Ugandans in support of UKF’s mission.


Commitment to the prevention and management of kidney disease through awareness, education and research.


To enhance the lives of everyone with, at risk of or affected by kidney disease


1 Enhance the quality of life for persons with kidney disorders
2 To provide continuing health education to the members, colleagues, and community.
3 To foster good cooperation and collaboration among all the members and stakeholders to
improve relationship and amplify efforts done.
4 To lobby for Government support in formulating policies related to the detection
prevention and treatment of Kidney disease.
5 Improve Community attitudes awareness and knowledge of kidney disorders and

promote research into kidney disease.
6 To organize activities concerned with Prevention of Kidney diseases like screening.
7  promote Patient Education for all patients about kidney health.
8 To promote Health Worker Education and increase awareness about kidney health.
9 To increase kidney disease screening activities and build an evidence base about
kidney disease in Uganda.
10 To increase public awareness about kidney diseases and encourage prevention
through life style change


  • Health promotion approach where by we need to enable people

increase their control over kidney disease in their everyday lives.

  • The overall aim is to see educated, awareness, empowered and

   equipped population who have  access to clear. Accurate and credible

   information and quality kidney health.      


Our leaders share a deep commitment to helping people fight kidney disease and live healthier lives. A volunteer Board of Trustees of medical and lay professionals provides strategic direction and oversight, while our management team directs the organization’s day-to-day activities.

Our Core Values

Our values shape our work. We are guided by these shared core values that we live by as a foundation and as individuals:

• Quality patient care services

• Evidence based information resources on kidney health

• Advocacy and stakeholder involvement at all levels of care

• Compassion for caregivers and patients

• Nurturing self and others to our fullest potential

• Encouraging learning, development and growth

• Encouraging listening, acknowledging, mutual understanding and importantly, taking action

• Encouraging creativity, openness, resiliency and culture of excellence

Uganda Kidney Foundation


The UKF is powered by a dedicated staff, committed board members, forward-thinking healthcare professionals, and the passion of supporters like you. Click below to learn more about the people powering our progress.